The Create Unity Collaborative Exhibit 2012

Create Unity Collaborative Exhibit mission is to create a back-to-school initiative combining fashion design, visual and communication arts by professionals and inner city youth at an exhibit opening during Fashion Week. The goal is to develop into a program and inspire more creative mentorship and community involvement as a secondary resource to the NYC Public School System. All profit from events will extend to exceptionally creative students and their schools.

 If I was not exposed to great teachers, programs and contests to reveal my talents, I may not have been able to succeed. With millions in budget cuts in 2011 to New York City’s fiscal year, great teachers, youth organizations and programs have been highly affected.
I was inspired to build a team of creative professionals to create pieces for a Not-For-Profit travelling exhibit with the theme of “Unity.” The event will be returning in 2015 with a new theme and more talented and eager individuals involved. With a combination of donations from the advisory board members, larger givers (Krystle Davis and Kate Bowen), attendees, and generous sponsors (IZZE Beverage Company, Miss Jessie’s, Noodle Lane, Global Goods Partners, Sweets by We Corp., NYC Ladibug, Pinky’s Food Paradise, and Brooklyn Brewery) we had a successful exhibit.

For additional information on the event or to become involved please send info in the contact section.

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