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The Zyem

My unique point of view has emerged from studying art, observing New York City’s pop culture, and traveling to Europe, Hong Kong and India. My son inspired my company’s name and it is a total lifestyle approach I’m committed to fully. Z as we call him for short, is a happy go lucky young person. He’s meticulous but marches to the beat of his own drum. Like many little boys he loves cars and trains above anything else. His favorite television shows are Peppa Pig and Garfield. Our quality time various from special events like basketball games or museum visits to normal things like cooking and reading his favorite book “Olu’s Dream”. Even though he’s very picky when it comes to food choices, I am very lucky that some of his favorite dishes are nutritious such as salads, broccoli, spinach and PB& J sandwiches. I try to challenge myself to find new ways to present and incorporate new items with what’s familiar.


Zyem being himself

Zyem as Bishop C.H. Mason in the “Because Of Them, We Can”... campaign

Zyem as Bishop C.H. Mason in the “Because Of Them, We Can”… campaign


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